Guinness Brewery & Storehouse


We toured the Guinness Brewery and here’s some pics from that. This is the famous waterfall that everyone talks about.


After you  go through the whole process of how they make Guinness, which is only 4 ingredients by the way, they have a tasting lab where they give you a glass about a quarter of the way full to try the different varieties of Guinness. I guess each person is only supposed to have one, but we made friends with the bartender and ended up going back 8 or 9 times. Guinness is so much better over here than it is back in the states. I guess it’s just fresher. A couple floors up from that (there were 7 floors total) they had kind of a museum with some amusing signs posted.



There was one sign that said Guinness gives you strength and I think it’s true.


Then on the top floor they have the galaxy bar where they give you a complimentary pint of Guinness at the end of the tour.


From the Galaxy Bar, you have the best view in the whole city. The bar is glass all around so I got some pretty cool pics from up there.



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