Louvre: 1 – Nick: 0


The Louvre is the biggest museum I’ve ever been in. It’s just massive! There are 3 wings, Denon, Sully, and Richelieu, and I’m pretty sure each wing is bigger than most museums I’ve been in. There is no way that you can see the whole thing in one day (many have tried and failed). I made a list of about 30 pieces I most wanted to see and went from there. Once I got to the museum, though, and didn’t really have to wait in line at all, I decided just to try and do a whole wing in one day. One cool thing is that people from 18-25 years old get in free, so I didn’t have to pay the normal 9 euro entrance fee.  After spending about 3 hours wandering around the first wing I was kind of burned out. Here were a few of my favorite pieces.

You might know what this one is. You guessed it: The Mona Lisa by Leonardo DaVinci. There was a million people around it, and no one around to tell you to turn off your flash, even though I wish there had of been.



One thing I noticed about all the Roman sculture heads is that they were mostly missing their noses. I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be like that or not.


This next one is also one of the most famous pieces at the Louvre: Venus di Milo.




After about 3 hours of wandering around, I had probably only seen about a quarter of the museum. Score – Louvre: 1 – Nick: 0.


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