Beer Gardens, Beer Halls, and Massive Steins (Munich in a Nutshell)

The first thing people always think of when they think about Munich is Oktoberfest, and rightly so. I really want to go back to Munich for Oktoberfest (which, ironically, is held at the end of September). While in Munich, I really didn’t do a lot except for take part in the typical German tradition of beer-drinking.  Bavarian beer is known to be some of the best in the world, and rightly so. I will be so disappointed when I get back to the States and have to drink Budweiser, Miller, or one of the other not-so-good American beers. One thing I did do was  a 4-hour free walking tour, so here’s some pictures from around the city.



At noon everyday, these figures would come out and dance in the tower of this palace.


This next picture is the most famous (and most expensive) beer hall in Munich: Hofbrauhaus.


The average price in Munich for a liter of beer (called a mas) was somewhere around 6 euros, but here it would cost you around 7.50 euros for the same thing. Seeing as how it was a big tourist trap, we didn’t visit this beer hall and instead went to a couple recommended by a couple of locals from the area. In case you were wondering, here’s what one of these steins looks like fresh from the tap.


One of the coolest things I saw in Munich was an artificial surf. I’ve never seen anything like it, but it was really busy.




This next pic is of the Chinese Tower, which is one of the better beer gardens in the city.



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