The City of Music

Vienna is known as the City of Music, and for good reason. Mozart, Haydn, and Strauss were all from here, at different time periods, but here nonetheless. Vienna is actually a lot different than what I had pictured it as before I arrived. It’s a big city, but doesn’t really feel like it so much. That’s kind of how Berlin was as well. Here’s some of my favorite pictures from Vienna, but because there was a lack of free tours here I’m not sure what some of this stuff was.


St. Stephens Cathedral was pretty impressive, even though I’ve seen what seems like thousands of cathedrals traveling around Europe.



This next picture is of Hundertwasserhaus. It was created as a social development project, and is probabaly one of the coolest looking buildings in Vienna.



Right down the street from Hundertwasserhaus was the Kunsthaus Museum, containing possibly the coolest paintings I’ve ever seen. I believe they called it graphic art, but I’m not 100% sure about that. I had to run around the floor from the security guard in order to get these photos because pictures weren’t allowed. They were so cool though that I did a stealth mission to obtain these. Here were a few of my favorites.





Then this last one was from the special Picasso exhibit they were running at the time.



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