Vienna, Part 2

I have so many pictures from my few days in Vienna that they all wouldn’t fit in one post, so here’s the 2nd half.

The reason most people come to Vienna is see the famous Vienna Opera House and to try and see an actual opera here. They have operas almost every night and have 500 standing tickets for each show. I was told to go over and get in line about an hour and a half prior to the show in order to get one of these 500 tickets, but aparently that wasn’t long because there were still about 25 people ahead of me when they announced they were sold out for  the night. So FYI, get there really early to get one of these 5 euro tickets.



The next day I visited the MUMOK modern art museum. All of the big museums are right next to each other in the MuseumQuarter so it makes it very convenient. Here’s  a few of my favorites from this museum.




Then there was a special exhibit by Maria Lassnig, who has a very unique style of painting. This  one was plastered all over the city on flyers for the museum.




That night me and some friends I met at my hostel decided that we didn’t want to wait 2+ hours in line to see an opera that night, so we decided to go see an orchestra concert instead. We went to see the Imperial Orchestra Wien. We didn’t realize how touristy of an event it was until we got there, but I still enjoyed it. They basically played the most famous clips from the most famous works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss.


Afterwards, we went to a restaurant called Centimeters where, living up to it’s name, everything is measured in centimeters. For example, we each ordered 6 cm of bread. You also could have ordered a meter of beer, which upon asking we found out is actually 8 pints. We decided to pass on that and got  wienerschnitzel instead.


Then we headed back to my hostel for my last night in Vienna.



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