Venezia (a.k.a. Venice)

The first thing I did when I arrived in Venice, after checking into my campsite, was to get an Italian pizza. There happened to be a good place a couple blocks from the campground. Mmmmm…delicious!!!


After the pizza, the next stop was to get some delicious gelato (or gelati if it’s more than 1 scoop). After trying almost all the different flavors throughout my time in Italy, I decided that my favorite flavors were mint and tiramisu.


Later that day, I went into Venice with a few people I met at my campground. I had already been to Venice last summer after studying in Spain, so I was kind of showing the others around. Here were a few of the highlights.


Next was San Marco’s Square, probably my favorite thing in Venice.


After a long day walking around in the hot sun, we decided to get the other main dish of Italy: pasta. I had carbonara, which was pretty amazing. Then we went to back to the campsite to play some cards and relax for the night.




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