Chillin' in Sevilla!

From Madrid  I took a train all the way down to Sevilla, in the Andalucian region of Spain. The city is awesome, but I actually didn’t get to see as much of it as I wanted. Even though I spent 4 days in Sevilla, it was around 104 degrees and humid the whole time I was there. That meant that you could only really stand to go out in the morning and after about 6pm. Since I’m not really an early riser, after 6 it was, except to walk around the block to the little grocery store closest to my hostel. Also, there was a big religious holiday (I can’t remember which one) on one of the days I was there so there was a parade and lots of people out. I have a ton of pictures from Sevilla, so here are some of my favorites. Everything is so colorful and vibrant!







The Cathedral is the center of the city is humongous! It’s actually the 3rd largest Cathedral in the world after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and one other in Brazil.





And the Alcazar…



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