Pre-Trip Checklist

Alright, so with less than 2 weeks to takeoff I need to figure out what I still have to do. I’ve got my passport (unless I lose it like last time), my railpass, international student card (good for discounts at a ton of places aroundthe world), backpack (the Kelty Coyote 4750), travel guides, and I just got some packing cubes. One of the main things that I still have to do is pack up all my stuff and try and fit everything in this backpack that looks smaller and smaller everytime I look at it. I need to  go to my doctor to see if there’s any vaccinations that I need to get. I have to get an international drivers license in case I want to rent a car over there at all, even though I’d have to take a crash course in driving a stick shift. Lastly, at least that I can think of right now, I have to setup a Skype account to talk to everyone back home. I’m probably not going to have a cell phone over there because it’s expensive and more of a hassle than anything, so anyone that wants to talk to me setup a Skype account also. Skype to Skype is free and Skype to a cell phone or landline  is only a couple cents per minute, waaaaayyyyyy cheaper than using a cell phone. Ok, that’s it for now.


First Post

Hi everyone. So this is my travel blog. I’m going to try to write about and put up some up some pics from all the places I visit during my travels around the world. As of right now, I have about 2 weeks until I leave. I’ll be flying into London, then traveling around Ireland for a couple weeks. Feel free to leave comments. Enjoy!!!