Malaga, One of My Last Stops

Nearing the end of my European Adventure, I caught a bus from Cadiz to Malaga, even though I didn’t really want to leave. I had to go to Malaga to catch a flight up to London, so I basically had a day to spend in the city. What do you do when you only have a day to spend in the city? Well it’s a beach town and also the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. First, you start out by going to the awesome Picasso Museum and walking around the center of the city.

Then of course, you go to the beach, which was conveniently located across the street from my hostel.

Then once you’ve had your fill of sun, sand, and sangria, you pack up and try to catch a bus to the airport so you don’t miss your flight. This was by far the toughest part of my day. My flight left around midnight that night and I just barely made it. I was relieved to make it on my flight, arrived at London Stansted around 2am, and fell asleep in a 24-hour coffee shop in the airport.


Relaxing On The Beach In Cadiz!

Pretty much my whole time spent in Spain can be summed up in these 4 words: tapas, beach, siesta, party. That was my experience in Spain in a nutshell, and Cadiz was no exception to that. Cadiz is a small beach town on a peninsula in the southwest corner of Spain. They have some of the nicest beaches I’ve been to, and one of my favorite hostels I stayed at was here. It was called Casa Caracol, and it was awesome! They had hammocks on the roof for a nice afternoon siesta, beach less than 5 minutes away, and I met a lot of cool people here. I guess this is why before coming to Cadiz I had only planned to stay a day or two and chill on the beach, but I ended up spending almost a week here! Here’s a couple pictures of the hostel. This first one is a doll in the hostel and everytime they have a costume party (about once a month) a article of clothing gets added to it. It’s pretty funny!

And the hammocks…good for a little siesta after a long afternoon at the beach.

Here’s the beach where I spent a most of time in Cadiz.

One afternoon when I got tired of laying on the beach (just kidding!) I walked around the city for a couple hours and took a few pictures here and there.

A random pic next, but I like it!

And finally…hanging out on the beach once the sun goes down. Good times!


Night Shots from Sevilla







More Fun in Sevilla!!!

As I continued to explore Sevilla (in the evening as the sun started to set), I came across Plaza de Espana, one of the most impressive sites in the city.


That night, a guy at my hostel was making a huge batch of Paella for everyone. It was awesome! See what you think!


Walking down the river at sunset was really nice.






This was the big bull fighting arena in Sevilla. Bull fighting, as well as Flamenco, originated here.



The random kayaker!


Chillin' in Sevilla!

From Madrid  I took a train all the way down to Sevilla, in the Andalucian region of Spain. The city is awesome, but I actually didn’t get to see as much of it as I wanted. Even though I spent 4 days in Sevilla, it was around 104 degrees and humid the whole time I was there. That meant that you could only really stand to go out in the morning and after about 6pm. Since I’m not really an early riser, after 6 it was, except to walk around the block to the little grocery store closest to my hostel. Also, there was a big religious holiday (I can’t remember which one) on one of the days I was there so there was a parade and lots of people out. I have a ton of pictures from Sevilla, so here are some of my favorites. Everything is so colorful and vibrant!







The Cathedral is the center of the city is humongous! It’s actually the 3rd largest Cathedral in the world after St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and one other in Brazil.





And the Alcazar…


My Half-Day in Madrid

Since I had spent some time in Madrid last summer, I only spent one night here as kind of a stopover on my way to Sevilla. At the hostel I stayed at, I happened to meet a whole group of people that were from U-M. A couple of them were teaching English in Madrid and the rest were just visiting.

Madrid is an awesome city and there’s a lot to do, but it really doesn’t feel “Spanish” like most of the other cities I visited in Spain. It feels more just like a big city. There was only one thing I really wanted to do in Madrid on this trip, which was to see the Sofia Reina modern art museum. I went to the Prado last time I was here, but I enjoyed the Sofia Reina a lot more, mostly because I prefer modern art to classical art in most cases. I wish I could have taken pictures inside the museum, but seeing as how I was kind of pressed for time and they were pretty strict on security, I couldn’t really do that.

When I was getting ready to leave Madrid I arrived at the train station about 10 minutes late to catch the train I intended, so I had a little time to kill in the station. That’s why I love the railpass, because you just show up and catch the next train whenever it happens to be. One thing that was pretty weird in the train station is that there’s a rain forest in there. It’s crazy, but there’s an actual rain forest INSIDE the station. Here’s a picture of it.


Other Random Pics

The Arc de Triomphe

Random Pics 007

Why is there a Wooly Mammoth in the middle of the park???

Random Pics 009

Barcelona City Bike Tour 168


The Best Fountain Show Ever!

The fountain show that happens Thursday through Sunday is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It’s right off the Espanya metro stop.








La Boqueria…Mmmmm!!!

La Boqueria is a giant market right off of the main street of Las Ramblas. They have everything you can imagine from fresh produce to fresh bull. The best is the huge variety of 1 euro fresh squeezed juices! I could never get out of there without trying 6 or 7 different flavors. I came to this market almost everyday!




Park Guell

Park Guell was designed by Gaudi to be a complete city within the walls of the park. It didn’t end up working out that way, but its really cool inside. It kind of looks like Candyland!





And of course, the Gaudi lizard that Barcelona is famous for.


Here’s a great view of the city from the top of Park Guell, with Montjuic out in the horizon.